Using techniques of painting beloved of the Old Masters, Jean-Pierre Trevor gives battle – which image to capture? – which image to hold? Those that find material reality are a subset of his limitless imagination.


Jean-Pierre’s curiosity, talent and capacity for hard work bring him opportunities he cannot resist: his first job was matte artist at Walt Disney Productions in Los Angeles working on the original Star Wars films. Sometimes, he paints to test his limits – a thirty-foot architectural painting is technical and highly physical. Sometimes, he paints to explore his creativity – and finds the Dolls. Mostly, he paints because he’s driven by the unseen.


He accepts challenging commissions because he’s curious – can he do it? Can he design a concert for Laima Vaikule? Yes. Not only that, but it’s recognised as ‘Best Concert Design by a Foreign Designer’ by the Russian press. Can he design an exhibition in Bosnia for Warchild? Yes. Can he….? Yes.


To date, he’s worked in Austria, Bosnia, France, Monaco, Russia, UK and USA.


His fine art is found in collections in France, Monaco, UK and USA.


His film and commercial work survives as awards, photographs, memorabilia and within film sequences.


Jean-Pierre Trevor is self-taught. He comes from a line of Welsh psychics on his mother’s side and he believes in the power of art if you have a heart that loves and an eye that sees.

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